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26-YO’s Fun Hair Colour Brand Earns Turnover of Rs 3.5 Crore & a Spot on Shark Tank

26-YO’s Fun Hair Colour Brand Earns Turnover of Rs 3.5 Crore & a Spot on Shark Tank

Yushika Jolly’s semi-permanent hair colour brand Paradyes is a first of its kind in India,

Yushika Jolly, a 26-year-old from Ankleshwar, Gujarat had been colouring her hair all through college using formulations she bought off the internet. Today, she doesn’t need to, thanks to her semi-permanent hair colouring brand Paradyes, which she launched in March 2021. 

Like Yushika, numerous youngsters in India score online marketplaces looking for funky yet safe hair colour options, and Paradyes steps in to provide a one stop solution. 

Following a Bachelors at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and then a Masters in Design Management in London, Yushika returned to India in 2019 with an idea. 

My dad had a business that focused on manufacturing the raw materials for hair dyes. So, it was something I grew up seeing. When in London I would often experiment with hair colour combinations and this compelled me to think of the dearth of these options in India.

Yushika explains

Having identified this gap in the market, Yushika tied it with a cause that she held close to her heart and decided to venture into creating hair colours, a result which two years later manifested as Paradyes. 

Colours made from natural extracts 

On returning from London, Yushika set up a lab in Ankleshwar with the help of her brother, who had a background in chemical engineering. He also brought in R & D experts on board. Once things were in place, she began experimenting with formulations and colours, a task she says “wasn’t very tough”. 

“I had experimented with so many brands in the past, and hence knew how Indian hair works, what colours deposit well, etc. I would then distribute these formulations among very trusting friends and family to try, Some, however, were sceptical. 

For instance Yushika recounts how no one wanted to try the yellow hair dye, and so finally she tried it herself. “Coincidentally it was during my wedding time that I did this and I got married in yellow hair,” she laughs. 

However, on a more serious note, she adds that Paradyes is extremely cautious with formulations and the brand uses herbal extracts like bringhraj, aloe vera etc. Another factor that sets them apart from international brands is that their range includes funky pop colours too, she notes.  

Paradyes has 20 hair colours and is expanding to more hair care products,

“That’s not all,” says Yushika. “These colours are temporary and can be washed away. They are essentially a conditioner with a dye, and are thus nourishing for the hair and fade away after eight to ten washes. You then get your base back,” she assures.

Spreading this to national television:

Just as Yushika was starting to widen her horizons when it came to Paradyes by way of expanding their hair care range to include more products, she found out about Shark Tank Season 2. 

I always dreamt of taking the brand to a larger audience. I used to follow Shark Tank and so when Season 2 came out, I applied for it. I made a pitch and submitted my application and then auditioned in Mumbai and we got selected.

She reveals

She emphasises that with 20 colours in their range, Paradyes colours are safe and free from harsh chemicals, metal extracts, and any toxic ingredients. She says with the investment amount, they are planning on expanding into different verticals of hair colour to add to the existing range, which focuses on hair protection for coloured hair and damage control. 

Yushika in a still from Shark Tank India Season 2

“We are in the process of launching a serum and oil at the end of this month and want to get into permanent hair colours such as blacks and browns too. We want to make Paradyes an A to Z brand for hair care,” she says. 

She recounts how previously the hair care scene in India was very different. 

In India, people were not ready to experiment with colours as they viewed them as taboo. They thought these colours were not sanskari. Another set of people thought funky colours wouldn’t suit them, but it all changed when I began putting out content.

Yuhsika says

She adds that all Paradyes’ shoots are their own customers and not models who are hired. This has helped them attract more attention than if they would have resorted to models. 

With a team of 15 people and an office in Ahmedabad, today, Paradyes sees around 150 orders daily and has witnessed a turnover of Rs 3.5 crore in the last financial year, she notes, adding that they ship pan India and also to the US. 

“What’s amazing is that a lot of our marketing is through word of mouth. People see others have funky hair colours and ask them which brand they are using. When they say it is Paradyes, our name spreads and as a founder, this thrills me,” Yushika says. 

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