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Entrepreneur curates 50+ sustainable brands, offering 1000+ eco-friendly products for a conscious lifestyle under one roof.

Entrepreneur curates 50+ sustainable brands, offering 1000+ eco-friendly products for a conscious lifestyle under one roof.

Shivang Singh, a graduate in International Business & Global Management from the University of Hong Kong.

In an era marked by growing sustainability awareness, world leaders are increasingly supporting environmentally friendly initiatives, reflecting a global shift toward a more eco-conscious future.

This commitment by global leaders highlights the urgent need to address environmental challenges, emphasizing a united effort to foster innovative solutions and promote sustainable practices worldwide.

The climate-conscious movement is here to stay, benefiting the planet, its people, and future generations.

Leading this charge is Impacto, often called the “Green Amazon” or “Green Alibaba.”

Founded by Shivang Singh, a graduate of International Business & Global Management from the University of Hong Kong, Impacto is more than a marketplace; it’s a movement towards eco-friendly choices.

Edible Cutlery

Impacto Journey

Shivang’s journey towards Impacto began with Edilery, a successful venture in Hong Kong focusing on edible cutlery. During this venture, he discovered a wealth of green technologies and products but observed a lack of awareness among the general public. This realization fueled his passion for making a larger-scale impact on the environment.

Returning to India, Shivang worked as a consultant for the Delhi government and the education ministry, contributing to the Delhi Startup Policy. Through the Entrepreneurship Mindset Scheme, he witnessed the transformative power of entrepreneurship in the lives of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The whole idea was to teach a mindset of being a job provider rather than being a job seeker“, said Shivang.

This was a turning point in Shivang’s life as he also started seeing entrepreneurship as the way forward for his environmental impact goals. 

“It occurred to me that if these students with fewer resources can opt for the startup path then a privileged person like me should not hesitate to walk it. Because having a venture of your own means there is no upper limit to the impact you can make“, said Shivang, in a conversation with The Professional Times.

In June 2022, Impacto was born. As an aggregator, the platform brings together over 50 brands and manufacturers, offering a diverse range of sustainable products in beauty, living, fashion, and more. 

Talking about how Impacto gained momentum, Shivang shared  – “Initially conceived as an awareness-raising program, Impacto quickly garnered support from consumers who recognized the importance of sustainability in everyday activities.”

Product Range & Collaborations

With over 1000 products listed on their website, Impacto has experienced rapid growth, catering to both B2C and B2B customers within a few months.

Beyond individual consumers, the startup has extended its reach to institutions, collaborating with over 25 clients, including corporates, schools, hotels, and restaurants, to facilitate green and sustainable sourcing.

Impacto booth at the World Environment Expo 2023 in New Delhi

A notable achievement for Impacto was its booth at the World Environment Expo 2023 in New Delhi, where it attracted the highest footfall over three days. This success reflects the growing awareness and interest in sustainable living practices.

With a dedicated team of 15 professionals across various verticals, Impacto is recording strong month-on-month growth. The company takes a proactive approach, utilizing its website and social media handles to share content that encourages thoughtful purchase decisions and promotes sustainable living.

Impacto Team

Current Goals

Currently prioritizing customer acquisition and awareness, Shivang envisions building Impacto into an ecosystem encompassing all aspects of climate and Earth.

The startup is taking a significant step forward by establishing a B2G (Business-to-Government) division to collaborate with government institutions. The first initiative, the City of Forests Programme, in collaboration with the Delhi Government, aims to plant one million trees across the national capital using Miyawaki Forests.

Shivang’s proactive role in the sustainability and impact space earned him an invitation as a Keynote Speaker at Impact-G20X during the G20 Summit in Delhi in September 2023. This recognition further solidifies Impacto’s position as a leader in the green revolution.

While Impacto has been bootstrapped thus far, Shivang has ambitious plans for the future. He intends to raise the startup’s first round of funding in the coming year to accelerate growth and expansion.

The road ahead for Impacto is filled with exciting possibilities as it continues to pave the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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