December 1, 2022

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The Enigma of Enid Blyton

As a child, I loved reading books. My favourite hobby was reading, and, unlike many, I read all kinds of books, though at that age, how much I understood, was difficult to say.

Although I read all kinds of genres, my favourite genre was and is fiction. And there was a specific kind of fictional story which I preferred – those of Enid Blyton.

Theoretically, Blyton’s stories and books were for children, but as you grow up, her stories become even more interesting, even more, charming than they were. Her style of writing was simple, and in her books, she conveyed a sense of fun, and there was a level of relatability in them.

I mean, school, homework, friends, birthdays, fights and misunderstandings – these were the components of school and student life which were written in a beautiful, light-hearted manner. And this was not her only forte. She also wrote about adventures, such as in the Famous Five and Secret Seven Series.

In those two, you can find things that you can relate to. Such was Blyton’s style – always, she managed to capture my imagination as well as attention. She did not do anything special, no- it was just a story. But then, what made it special?

Well, for me, it was the sheer simplicity of it all that gave her and her books a special place in my heart. Also, her stories are such that you can randomly open a page and start reading like it was the beginning of the book. Another thing that I love about her work is the timelessness, if I may say so.

No matter how many times I have read her books, once I start reading them from the beginning, I never get the feeling of being bored – I become as involved and immersed as I was when I first read it. Believe me, Enid Blyton has a charm and a way of writing that I think is one of a kind.

Her books teach things without meaning, which is how a children’s book should be, in my opinion. Lastly, I would like to say that Enid Blyton was a huge part of my childhood, and her charm still works wonders – I get amazed by her time and again.

And, as an avid book nerd, I strongly recommend that you read her books, even if you’re an adult.  I’d say it is time to revisit the child in you! If you have trouble picking out a series, then I would suggest giving these a go – 

Malory Towers – One of my absolute favourites! This story is about a girl named Darrell, who is sent to boarding school when she turns twelve. As a newcomer, she must navigate the school as well as the people in it.

This book series perfectly shows how things are in boarding school and the multiple facets of student life. It is also about how Darrell turns from a shy, somewhat naïve girl, to a strong, independent one.

Famous Five – This series revolves around 4 cousins, and how each holiday some new adventure or mystery comes their way. Why then, is the name of the book, Famous Five?

Read to find out! This book does not showcase that much character development as in the previous one, but the adventures make up for it in the best possible way! 

Galliano’s Circus – Now that I come to think of it, this is Blyton’s version of a behind-the-scenes (and much more) book. But, this one does not revolve around a movie. As you may have guessed, it shows what happens in a circus.

A circus! Also, the titular character is a boy, who is suddenly brought into the circus world, and he goes his own way about it with his feisty, loyal, and much more talented friend. 

That being said, I end my article here. What are you waiting for? Go on and binge on some classics now!   

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