November 30, 2022

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Words Fascinate Me!!!

Words always fascinate me & charge my imagination. Come to think of it, I almost feel the angular edges when I read & write flaky, diamond, & splinter. I nearly hear the sound of cracking when I pronounce brittle, crispy, and crunchy.

The words like grey, dizzy, & faded give me a feeling of haziness. I feel the words flowing when I say gush, gurgle, drip, ooze, spout, cascade, and spurt.

I bumfuzzle when I get confused or perplexed, or flustered. While using oxymorons like “Parting is such sweet sorrow,” I feel like plagiarising the words of Shakespeare’s Juliet.

I especially love amazing words, don’t we all? Some have funky spellings, tongue-twisting turns, a satisfying “ooh”… and some sound too hilarious to be true! Words have the power to transfix and have the cruelty to terrorise.

Words are summoned whenever literature is created. Words are chosen when any conversation is made. Words speak your heart while writing your first love letter. Used in the right combination, words are more powerful than the howling of the tornado… more crackling than the forest fire… holier than the confluence of two rivers… and the emotions well expressed like a steaming gush of a geyser. Nothing is more sacred than words while chanting prayers.

I love words. I read books to expand my vocabulary. Words are my weapon and words are my shield. Words take me to a world that I have never seen before. Words are key to learning. Every word holds a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality making it worth its salt.

Someone rightly said, whatever you use a word, it has been previously used by many and at least someone must have written it. Despite this, words never get stale. They always sound fresh & moist when I use them. Some words have pronunciation peculiarities, and some look so eccentric due to their spellings.

All in all, I like the wonderful world of words better than any other thing in the world. More I study, contemplate, write, and look around for them, more & more they lure me.

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