November 30, 2022

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How to Be More Productive at Working from Home?

Switching with the new normal, many of us have not built any plans to use our time productively. We need to learn and lean on our strategies to be more productive when working from home.

Almost 40% of workers think that working from home increased their working time due to no time management. As we move away from our office culture, there are several tips to manage time and increase your work productivity. To achieve all the targets and work-life balance, here are some tips that might work for you.

Working Space Mapping

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Almost 49% of workers say they need a better workspace to continue their work from home, while 34% are less comfortable working at home than at the office. (Report by Paper Giant). The Solution? Stop shuffling piles of paper and get tidy. The clutter of paper around the desk proves to decrease your brain’s ability to work efficiently. So, if you need to complete your daily task, start getting tidy. First, try zoning your workspace by creating spaces for required material, long-term projects before assigning discard dates to the project. Then replace the unwanted items with the essential ones for daily use.

Stop Multi-Tasking

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It’s a truth that only a few people can do multitasking efficiently. When we bounce from one task to another, we are not completing more to-do lists. Instead, we are forcing our brain to act fast, jumping from one task to another, burning our internal gears, and enforcing multi-tasking. We have a myth that multi-tasking helps to speed up our work, and it’s a valuable skill. But that not true- a more productive approach is finishing the task one at a time.

Plan Tomorrow’s, a Night Before

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44% of workers believe it’s important to be self-motivated apart from office work. The best way to do this is to make a to-do list a night before the next day. While you are about to finish your work, take 10 minutes to make a list of important work that needs to get finish by tomorrow. The fundamental trick is to keep the task that needs twice as long to keep it in the morning. Make the list shorter, so it does not seem to be overwhelming.

Blocking Your Flow Time

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The flow time is when you work smoothly, and your work is more efficient. For some people, the flow time is in the morning while some work more efficiently during evenings. Once you find out your flow time, block that time for your urgent tasks and make it work efficiently. Flow time is important to perform a valuable task without any distraction. The remaining time you’ll find focusing on smaller tasks that add non-value to your big tasks, and never make progress in them.

Learn to Nap

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Taking a short nap while working in the office isn’t a good option until you want to get fired. But the power nap strategy works great when working from home. The power nap of 20 minutes helps to harness your body’s natural circadian rhythm, boost your memory, cognitive skills, and creativity.


Want to get the most out of the advice in this article? Pick up any two tips and start implementing them right now. The more you start following the tips, the more efficient your work starts.

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