December 9, 2022

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International Model, Bollywood Actor & Brand Ambassador Representing India – Mikki Koomar

Mikki Koomar was born on 20th February 1989 in Mumbai City, India. He got the name as Mickey from his father because he likes action films got influenced by Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke. Mikki’s mother strongly believed in numerology, so changed his name from ‘Mickey Kumar’ to ‘Mikki Koomar’.

Mikki completed his graduation from Mumbai (India). He was a national-level Martial Artist and state-level Boxer during his graduation days. He worked as an Assistant Choreographer and Lead Dancer for National and International Dance Shows in freestyle Bollywood and western hip-hop genre.

After completing his graduation, Mikki moved to Bangkok to complete his Martial Arts training, during this time he got a gold medal at National Level in Full Contact Fight Tournament. This was the turning point for Mikki and then he decided to pursue his career in dancing, fitness and modelling. 

Later he participated in Indian male model competition that was organized by International Fashion Designers, and he won the competition and earned the title of Indian Male model 2013.

After winning the Indian Male Model 2013 title, he got an offer by a German Fashion Designer to collaborate with their brand called N2L clothing, and they offered him a position as a Brand Ambassador and model for German Clothing Brand “N2L”.

Mikki did his acting diploma from International Bollywood Legend actor Anupam Kher’s “Actor Prepares | The School of Actors”. In 2015, he got associated with a US Sportswear brand Power Thread for modelling and advertising.

In 2016, he moved to Brazil for some International film collaboration, as actor and producer. Later in 2017, he got a formal invitation from Argentina Fashion Week and during that time he developed an interest in Tango Dance, and later he did certification Tango Dance from Argentina.

He got selected for CMG Paris Fashion week as an International Model and prominent figure in Paris and had an official international photoshoot in Paris for American Brand ‘CUPANI FASHION’. In the year 2018, he became a Brand Ambassador for French Brand called Royal Roadster.

Mikki participated in multiple international fashion shows, modelling shows, international film festivals globally and appeared in many renowned magazines.
Recently he has become the Brand Ambassador of world’s one of the biggest community WOCKHARDT FOUNDATION to represent WOCKHARDT FOUNDATION globally.

In this competitive world, everybody has their own perception about this particular sentence and I will share my thoughts without judging anyone.
Mikki said, “It’s all about setting up your own mind, if the mind is trained for competition, then it is not a competition for you. Positivity help in life, so try to find positivity around you that can help to come out from any circumstances and deal with any competition in your life, and if you want me to give you a mature answer, Believe Me, I think competition is really important to push someone for the better version of their own self.”
I have never failed in my life, trust me I never lose, either I win or I learnt from it. Life is all about the experience, and it is very important for perfection and success. Maturity in life is not about age, it comes with some failures and some bad experiences.” said Mikki while talking to The Professional Times.

Mikki is very passionate about personal growth and he discovered his passion for growing and helping others grow at the same time. He is travelling the world for quite some time and understood the meaning of life.

Mikki realized there is nothing meaningful than a pursue a life of development and betterment.

He realized there is no end to the journey of self-improvement, the more I grow, the more I realize there is so much out that I don’t know, so much that I have to learn, human potential is limitless, so it’s impossible to reach a point of no growth.

While talking about the courageous things he has done in life, Mikki said, “My life is full of adventures, around me there is a lot of competition especially, when you will talk about International sports, films and fashion industry, there are so many things to share.”

There are so many challenges, especially when you are working on International Films and Fashion Industry. When he went to Brazil for collaboration for his International Feature Film “LEO”, he had faced so many challenges.

While working with the international team, he learnt lots of new ways to deal with cast & crew, producers, directors and supporting staff. Luci Vagues an international businesswoman, guided Mikki to adopt the culture and working style.

When asked about his connect and networking with people, he said, “The whole world depends on belief and believe comes with connection, I am still improving my listening skills. People around me probably feel that I don’t pay attention to them when they talk to me and they may feel that I don’t understand them.
Talking about his motivation, he said, “Since childhood, I was a very active, energetic, sporty and competitive person. I have been dreaming with my open eyes. I feel my life is like a movie, every take counts and every take should be perfect.”

“Every morning I get up with a plan to bring me closer to my goals. I am highly motivated and focused to achieve my goal and I can’t see anything beyond that.”

“I always felt that everyone in their life has to fight for what they want in this competitive world. I see myself a fighter as I fought for everything in my life that is close to my heart. Every successful human has its own success stories that motivate me and inspires me.

Mikki talked about his favourite part of the job, he said, “I am doing want I always wanted to do. Travelling the world, meeting different people around the world, learning different languages, cultures, brands and trying different foods. Working with international fashion designers, and with the world cinema community. Clicking the selfie and putting on my Instagram (Laugh). I am on the mission to live the best life possible come what may.”

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