December 9, 2022

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The Bold & Beautiful Maushmi – New Avatar In Modelling & Acting

Maushmi Udeshi is a well known Mumbai based model and now doing movies in the main female lead roles. Maushmi is also in Advisory Panel of the Film Censor Board.

Maushmi appeared in most popular Ad Campaigns including Nescafe, Montecarlo, Galaxy Chocolates, Kamdhenu Group of Co’s TV Ad, G-Five Mobile Ad film, Stretchnil Ad film, etc. in both broadcast and print media. She recently appeared in ad films of Helios Car Battery, Sunray Solar Water-Heater, International Health product ‘Royal Honey.
Maushmi did lots of popular music videos like Bally Sagoos Noorie, late Nitin Bali’s ‘Neele Neele Ambar’, Ahmed Khan’s Video sung by Sonu Kakkar ‘Dil Chumbak Hai’, Jaan for T-Series, Dj Sheizwood’s ‘Harjai’, Parchhai for B4U, Social Cause-related Video ‘Mooh Mein Mitti’ etc. and the list is never-ending.

Her first short film ‘The Tight-Rope Walker’ which was selected in Venice Film Festival in the Best 10 Films in Short-Film Catagory where she played the title lead.
Maushmi also did a Feature Film ‘Ye Toh Too Much Ho Gaya’ which released with well known Actors Jimmy Shergill & Murli Sharma, where she played one of d 3 female leads and was in the deglam saree clad role of a young widow and love interest of Murli Sharma and Mooh Boli Behen of Jimmy Shergill.
She did an Item Song for popular Priyadarshan’s Film ‘BhagamBhag’ and some Item Songs in Tamil & Malayalam Films apart from doing the main female lead in a Telugu film ‘Oh! Priyatama’.

In the modelling world, Maushmi has been on the Covers of best of d Fashion, Lifestyle, Jewellery Magazines and recently she has appeared on the Covers of ModelAtude Magazine, Woman’s Era Magazine, Effective Adcom Magazine & Ethnicity Magazine.
Some of her upcoming feature films are Struggle-Real Life Story of Artists, Foser Villy, Parakashtha (Selected for Jaipur International Film Festival).
Maushmi has done many short films, some of them are: recently released ‘The Host’ in Horror Erotic genre, ‘The Stolen Christmas’ (most popular & loved), ‘Not Applicable’ which talks about Single Mother and Women Empowerment. All her Short-Films have got great reviews and Comments by d famous Film Critics & experienced Industry Filmmakers along with more than 1.5 Crore Views on ‘The Stolen Christmas’ Short-Film of hers’. She is doing a couple of web-series too.
Maushmi gets invited as Celebrity-Judge/Mentor/Celebrity-Guest in many Fashion Shows and Beauty Pageants. She walked the ramp as Show-Stopper in many prestigious fashion events.

In an interesting interview with The Professional Times, Maushmi has openly responded to the questions. Refer to the full interview below.

TPT: How do you see the competitive world in the present circumstances?
MU: I would say its a dirty unhealthy competition and not a fair or healthy competition at all. Yes, its a Man’s World out here and females like me, who have always come up on the basis of talent alone have had a long and never-ending struggle out here.
Men at least get work, if they are talented, purely based on their talent but a female, if she is talented and good looking, she doesn’t, unless she accepts indecent proposals of the decision-makers of the industry. That’s the reason I have been very selective about the work that I do. I can proudly say that I have done 100% work in a clean way and have never taken short-cuts, so it has always been a never-ending struggle for me.
I am ok to do less work as far as I have peace in my mind. I am proud to mention that I have done all my work on my own terms. My self-esteem & dignity are most important for me in my life than an easy success.
TPT: What are the failures that you most cherish?
MU: Nobody cherishes failures.
TPT: If you could go back ten years, what advice would you give to your younger self? 
MU: To be less choosy about work and accept the work that comes to you easily. I was definitely very choosy about work at the beginning of my career so I definitely said no to a lot of work that came to me initially.
I thought that I deserve the best and won’t settle for less because that time, I was inexperienced and didn’t know that the struggle would be never-ending for me especially because I don’t come from film family nor was I rich enough to invest money and have a great launch in films or TV like most of them.
So yes, I do have regrets but as one says, can’t fight destiny. Now, I rather do d best I can from the opportunities I get than indulge in overthinking and I rather not think of what I didn’t do and concentrate on what best I can do now at present time.
TPT: How do you develop yourself outside of the work environment?
MU: Life is too hectic and full of struggles. Anyways, so if any free time I get in a day, I rather spend with my family, my sister. Feel very nice when I share my day to day experiences with them and vent out all my emotions because this definitely makes me less depressed and lighter.
My family has been a great support. Wouldn’t have done anything without their kind support. Also when I am not shooting, I am busy connecting with people for more work, so those days one has to take care about food habits like eating healthy and drinking an adequate amount of water, having adequate sleep, doing a bit of yoga or exercise coz all this becomes a bit difficult at times because the struggle takes away most of our time and energy and discipline goes away.
TPT: What challenges are you facing on the work front? Where are you stuck? 
MU: As mentioned earlier, my journey in this industry has always been full of struggles. As I have always worked on my own terms with dignity and I refuse to be part of the rat race. I have always worked with professionals, who are not only talented but good human beings too, who have respect for women and have worked with me on the basis of my merit alone and so I became part of their project.
TPT: How well do you listen and connect with others? 
MU: I am a good listener but here every one is ready to give you free advise, whether you need it or not. Whether u asked for it or not, without they having any experience in your field of work so that astonishes me and irritates me quite a bit.
When they haven’t lived my life, how can they even think of advising me, especially on the work front? A lot of times rather than arguing and wasting time and energy with so many such people, especially men, who try to be over-friendly and claim to help me with their advice and so-called help.
To them, I simply say I have heard what you had to say but I don’t agree to it at all as per my huge experience in this industry and to my frankness, they all say I am rude, so be it, I really don’t care.
Otherwise, I am quite an introvert. I am not very comfortable in personal interactions in big groups. Have a very few selected friends, love my parents & siblings and Complete Workaholic!
Love watching movies and listening to music, love good food too, as I am a big foodie and how can I forget shopping especially for clothes?
TPT: What are the weakest points in your area of work and how do you plan to deal with them? 
MU: In our industry, there are a lot of middlemen, who claim to get work for actors but unfortunately very few of them are fair. Most of them only end up wasting the time of actors by calling them multiple times for meetings to discuss the project, for auditions, etc. which is a waste of time because the final decision is of the filmmakers and not theirs at all.
In the case of female actresses, it’s even worse and dirty because most of the time in spite of their giving auditions, their screen-tests don’t reach the main decision-makers because they again favour only the females who agree to get exploited by them. If it’s a female middle person then she favours only her family and close friends.
I prefer to connect with filmmakers directly or through social networking and if they like my work, we fix up to meet to discuss details and that’s the only way I have been doing decent work in this industry constantly.
When many of the middlemen, claim to fix up the meetings with Filmmakers, don’t give us direct contact of the filmmakers and due to the communication gaps, there’s a lot of waste of time for actors.
Most of the time when we end up for the meetings, the main decision-maker has already left only because we didn’t have their direct confirmation about the meeting.
Therefore, I only work with the casting professionals, who respect actor’s time and send direct contacts of filmmakers to us before the meeting, so that first its better that we send all our work links to the filmmakers on their WhatsApp or Email with the casting person’s reference.
If they like our work, they give us direct confirmation about the meeting to avoid communication gaps, which is always a better option.
TPT: What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? 
MU: Some decent work keeps coming in with the grace of God in modelling and acting and the appreciation which I get from fans, friends, critics, creative professionals and filmmakers from the Industry when it releases, motivates me to keep trying harder & keep going further in my life with full zest.
I take each day as it comes and have stopped planning long back as it never goes as per our plans. I believe in working hard and doing my best and leaving the rest to God. My Goal has always been very basic, to have a comfortable and secured life which I already have with the grace of God as have bought a flat of my own in my bldg in suburbs in d same society where my Parents live. I have given it on rent as I prefer to stay with my parents and have basic luxuries in life etc. I always want to be busy doing decent work in front of the camera and I believe if God has helped me till now, he will help me in future too.
TPT: What is your favorite part of your current job?
MU: I love the moving camera much more than the still camera as I love emoting and I can be natural in front of it rather than posing and freezing at one place for print shoots but since I have been modelling for print for so many years, I have started enjoying that too quite a bit.
Acting is my passion and I enjoy it a lot whether its in Films, TV, Short-Films/Web series or Ad films, etc as I love getting into the skin of different characters that I get to play. I feel acting is a great way to express myself in different ways because which being an Introvert Maushmi I cannot do in real life. Plus I get to travel to different places for shoots along with d motivation of money and creative satisfaction so that’s fun and what better than that!
Also, I love clothes and dressing up and which is very much part of my work and since I have always been involved in styling myself as per each Character I play. I am extremely excited about wearing clothes from my huge personal collection which keeps growing. Make-Up anyways I have been doing my own right from d beginning of my career and in all my work till date so I definitely enjoy the whole process of d profession that I am in.

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