December 3, 2022

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A mastermind loaded with varied experiences, a Classically trained Kathak Dancer, Hindustani Music Vocalist, postgraduate gold medalist in Zoology and national exam (UGC Net) qualified.”

Shefali Saxena, a rare fusion of tradition with modernity, has the vision to give life to the requirements and ideas of the client by her immeasurable talent to design the complete show with her skillful team of professionals.
She has been a part of the best of the brands around the globe with loads of Bollywood celebs.
Shefali Saxena, popularly known as India’s Only Female LED Interactive Live Performer because of her Unique Act and the huge range of Music Genres from Bollywood, Retro, Sufi and Latest Numbers which she Sings at Par Live On The Stage.
She has been Nominated and Awarded on various prestigious platforms and forums, on account of her being an Innovative, Complete Entertainer and the clients/agencies first choice as she stands out among the rest for her versatility and sensitivity to catch the pulse of the audience of all the profiles/age group and accordingly act upon it to rock them out.
Shefali is a Perfect Blend of Glamour & Class, holds command on Corporate and Social Events as well. She is recognized as a Show Director too for putting show concepts together with show script, show run and packaging with fillers/celebs.

She is a very fine actor and comes from a theater background with Mr.Ashok Purang, a creative producer of Nationally Acclaimed Film, Filmistaan. She has done few short films and plays apart from music videos and ad films.
She has cut an internationally shot album with Javed Ali promoted by Mika Singh with many more brand endorsements and singles at her credit.
Her recent Sufi Punjabi release, Unwind Mix Of Kadite Hass Bol Ve With Shemaroo has fetched her rave reviews of her Soulful Voice with a Unique Video Concept. Many more music videos lined up for the release.

While talking about the competitive world, Shefali said, “Very challenging due to social media but healthy, creative and progressive. We all need to be at it continuously and consistently.”
She felt that she should have had courage during her teenage and college days to voice out her dreams and passion of becoming a performing artist, aspiring for the name, fame more than money (steady income) through settled secured job, which she got also as a University Lecturer immediately after her post-graduation and qualifying UGC NET.
Shefali would have been at a different platform today if she started early in her choicest direction of the profession rather than fearing and worrying about social stigmas.

Be Confident Of Your Dreams and Convinced with Your Decisions. Rest All Follows !! I am Enough.

She practices actively the life-transforming philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism since last 10 years which keeps her not only calm and peaceful but also wise, courageous and compassionate giving a bigger, wider perspective to life and the environment.
Shefali took the risk to leave her secured, government career and follow the path of her passion and belief to become a star. She is on her journey steadily with great perseverance and hard work making the most of the given opportunities and her attributes.

Shefali shares her experience and said, “The challenges of coming from an educated, social conscious upper-middle-class family, at times gets her stuck between do’s and don’ts but in a longer run, one’s strong roots and value system adds so much in our persona, commanding respect, faith and love, which enables us to meet with undefeated spirit, the challenges in Bollywood of getting the first desired break with a reputed production house for a powerful role in spite of being an outsider.”
Shefali is very well connected with her clients and the audience, always taking their feedback to improve herself. Her spiritual Buddhist practice teaches the middle way of life, where she believes in the inherent dignity of each one’s lives and respects the unity in diversity.
Each individual is precious and capable of achieving, whatever s/he aspires for provided s/he is awakened to that hidden limitless potential of their lives. She strongly believes and says, “When our thought process changes to develop our greater self, then we can connect to anyone and everyone in the most profound way where there is perfect harmony and acceptance.”
Shefali talks about the weakest point as an artist and said, “when we start, we are alone in our journey of life, there is no professional artist management agency who comes forward to position and offer us work.”
“Once we are established with our own sweat and toil there’s a long queue of such agencies to manage our dates and work portfolio. So till then, we are from peon to the director of our own company, which is our talent and indeed a brand.”
“We create our profiles, search and pitch for work, go for the client meetings, give presentations/auditions, sell our talent in the media market apart from polishing our skills, looks, body and maintaining the balance of mind and heart.”

Shefali’s mission to spread happiness in this troubled world by realizing her dreams and showing the actual proof that we all can achieve whatever we wish to if we base our lives on ethics, focussed approach, gratitude towards everything and sincere endeavors to create value for all.
That’s her driving force towards victory in life. Shefali wishes to be recognized for her incredible work, humble code of conduct and embracing attitude towards every being unconditional.
Shefali talks about her favorite part of her current job and says, “I love everything…. music, drama, travel, fashion, holidays, new locations, stage, camera, lights, action, audience, fans, makeovers, costume, name, fame and interaction with people from different walks of life. I am blessed to be able to live my dream and miles to go from where I am to create history.”
Visit her website Shefali Saxena for more information and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay connected.
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