December 3, 2022

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Waste-Free Wedding Couple from Chennai – Praveen & Shreya

The big fat Indian wedding is known to be extravagant and excessive. But somewhere, in the midst of these over the top celebrations, you find a couple that decides to start their new life in the most beautiful way perfectly in sync with nature and humanity.
Praveen and Shreya are one such couple, who chose to get married in a celebration that was waste-free, environmentally conscious and all heart.
Everyone has a different idea of extravagance, a different way in which they want to make their wedding special. For me it was always to have a celebration that in tune with nature, says Shreya, a Wedding Wishlist bride who got married to Praveen this October in a zero-waste wedding.
Shreya and Praveen, both Chennai-based musicians, set an inspiring example with their wedding, ensuring every aspect of the big day was environment-friendly and socially conscious.
But to really go waste-free and pay more than a lip service to this ideal is not easy when planning a traditional Indian wedding! There is a thin line between being environment-friendly and really imposing on your guests. I guess, Shreya and I were constantly treading that line, laughs Praveen.
However, it all came together beautifully in the end. From saying no to plastics and donating the extra food to locally sourcing all return gifts and creating a gift registry for themselves, they made sure every decision was a responsible one.
It started with their decision to go paperless with their invites. What is one supposed to do with all the wedding invitations they get? Eventually, they all go into the trash and we really didn’t want that to happen, says Shreya.
However, coming from a traditional Brahmin background, making e-invites a reality was an uphill battle for the couple. From explaining to older relatives why they didn’t do physical invites to multiple personal calls to ensure every guest felt the warmths of the invitation, a lot of work went behind it.
They used the <a href=”“>Vowed Wedding App</a> to RSVP with guests, and send periodic and personalised reminders.

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