December 9, 2022

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Gamila Beauty Perfume

Zivile Burdaite – Untold Success Story of a World Class Perfumer

Composer creates the music, artist – painting and I created two in one. Because the perfume for me sounds like music notes and is colourful like painting.
My trip to the perfume world started 6 years before when in Madrid in one conference I have received a bottle of Arabic-Indian AJMAL perfume and this magical perfume was my beloved one from the first smell. So I have started to communicate with this factory in Dubai.
It was not easy, but I didn’t gave up and one day my dream came true and so the Gamila Beauty Perfumes was born and because for me perfume was like notes of music so I started to make educational project telling about the perfumes from the perspective of music.
In 2017 I have started fragrance music project and have created my first oil perfume named Gamila Beauty number one – spring.  This oil perfume was inspired by a woman’s beauty, elegance and oriental culture, sun and spices.
This project will be like four this project will continue as the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn winter. The second perfume presentation was in 2018 autumn in September and it was called Virgin.
Creativity at it's best.
“Fragrance for me is like the wind which sometimes blows you a nice and warm memories, but sometimes it is cold and you have to wait for the better one.” – said Zivile.
While talking to TPT about her failures she cherished the most, Zivile said “Too much trust in other people with low level of responsibility as I started to deal with one of the biggest cosmetic retail chain in our country. We started the deal, made the order and finally they have canceled everything.”
Zivile also talked about taking self-advise and said “To trust more in myself my creativity, my heart and less to trust in brains and others, because brains are more or less affected by experience, education and other people experiences, but we should trust more in our hart (soul) which is like small pearl in the deep ocean which is not affected even by the most strong storms.”
Innovative Perfumer - Zivile Burdaite
She keeps traveling, meditating and actively participate in social projects especially with children. The most courageous thing in her life that she has done that when she fell in love with the perfume and left her well paid job She entered into the world of perfumes, which was new to her, but very interesting she had a lot of energy and faith in self to get succeed in this field.
For Zivile, the biggest challenge was to find an investor, who would be with the same values as hers and would believe in this perfume project. “Gamila Beauty Perfumes” is not like ordinary perfume, it is like a perfume with a soul and soul could not just be just buyable you also have to believe in it and love it.
GB Perfume Ad
She is very well connected in her industry and respect all the people & their experiences an advices, but she always follow her heart. She gives credit her son, which is her motivator who helped her to achieve small and big goals.
While talking about the weakest points in her industry and how dealt with them to overcome business challenges, she said “The weakest point is fake perfume distribution, but to my opinion it is very permanent, because good perfume you can not buy in the internet as good perfume is like an artwork. You can buy an original fragrance with the history. You can also buy a reproduction but that depends on what you need and how do you respect your self.”

“Gamila Beauty Perfumes is her love and she strongly believes that one day, it will be bigger than Chanel.”


Zivile said, “Creativity and freedom which keeps me going and I believe that a person without freedom, freedom to create and live without the dreams is like a dead person, because  responsibility and trust to yourself comes with the freedom accept responsibility to your life.’

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