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Young Entrepreneurs of India – Cover Story

When a problem arises, people tend to talk about it, but they never consider finding a solution for it. They feel no obligation in addressing the problem until and unless they are personally getting affected by it While those who fall under Generation X struggle to move up the corporate ladder because Baby Boomers aren’t retiring as early as planned, those who fall under Generation Y have been making their own income in innovative ways. For many of them, that means entrepreneurship.
India is a developing country and its development is truly the hard work of its people. India has produced many great scholars, scientists, intellectuals and even entrepreneurs. The sense of achieving is deep rooted in Indians and that’s the reason Indians are doing great works in almost all countries. Of all the success stories you have heard of, probably the most enthralling ones are those where young adults and teenagers put their mark on this world.
Their drive to be on the top of the food chain is what is inspirational. This article will present some of India’s youngest entrepreneurs, and we hope it will inspire you and help you realise that it’s neither never too late or never too early to pursue your dreams of being a business owner. Let’s take a look at some of these ambitious youngsters.
Arjun Rai – 20 Years
Arjun Rai
At the age where most of the boy’s attitude towards life is erratic and unplanned, Arjun Rai on the flip-side was more determined and focused. When kids of his age were busy playing video games, he organised a garage sale and got his first earning, which in itself talks in volumes about his perspective towards life. Not all kids have the passion for doing different things when others listen to their elders some have the courage to think beyond the usual and show the world their potential to rise.
Since high school, Arjun has been an exemplary networker; he even worked on a few projects and startups of his own during the time. He became COO of a quickly growing online advertising company in 2010 but left it and is now eyeing to start up with Odysseys Ads offering solutions for the 21st-century marketers. Whilst he was graduating from New York Institute of Technology he had already started two successful startups, The BizDen, and After interning with a PR firm in 2012, Arjun quickly realised the need to venture in the tech space and raised seed investment to build a start up which is one of the leaders in visual project management called Canvs+.
Inspired by the shows like “The big ideas with Donny Deutsch” motivated Arjun to think for ideas which changed the way we advertising and marketing in the tech space. With the help of social platforms like LinkedIn, he met with other entrepreneurs who helped him to broaden his horizon and become one of the youngest and successful entrepreneur.

The R&D for Kavita Shukla‘s company, Fenugreen, cost little more than a kid’s science project–which, in fact, it was. At age 12, Shukla visited India, where a cup of her grandmother’s homebrewed spice tea seemed to help her stave off the ill effects of accidentally drinking tap water. Returning home to Maryland, she spent several years trying to re-create that benefit, mixing kitchen spices in jars of pond water and then applying them to produce.
Eventually she came up with the idea of infusing the spices into sheets of paper; she even created her own paper blend, using $25 worth of materials from a craft store. Now Fenugreen, based in Columbia, Maryland, makes a product that is at once humble and potentially transformative: spice-infused FreshPaper, which keeps food fresh by inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth. Shukla worked on her product throughout high school and college, investing her own money along the way. At 17, she spent $1,500 (won at science fairs) to obtain a patent, saving on legal fees by filing for and defending it herself. But when she got to Harvard, her attempts to create a global nonprofit couldn’t get enough interest from potential donors and ultimately proved, well, fruitless.
Interest from investors is strong, but Shukla prefers to go it alone for now, so Fenugreen can concentrate on social mission–not always the top priority for VCs. Robust sales to retailers and online customers has allowed it to do so.

Ritesh Agarwal has had an interesting childhood. He was never fond of studies so he dropped formal education out of his plans. The idea of Oravel Stays struck him when he was 18. The basic idea was a budget hotel chain that provides B&B. Realizing that no other service offered a room for a budget traveller, Ritesh took the idea from Oravel stays to OYO rooms and voila! Agarwal started OYO with 11 only rooms in a Gurgaon hotel. This is one of the best successful entrepreneurs stories in India. Today, OYO has 65000 rooms in about 5500 properties across 170 cities in India.
Ritesh started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 17 years old. He dropped out of college and launched his first start‐up Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2012. Oravel was designed as a platform to enable listing and booking of budget accommodation. Being an avid traveler, he soon realised that the budget hospitality sector lacked predictability. Therefore, he pivoted Oravel to OYO Rooms in 2013 with the key proposition of offering affordable and standardised accommodation.
Ritesh Agarwal has benefited the society in more than one ways. He has also managed to achieve what most of the people only think of. Below listed are some of the accomplishments of this teenager. He has been named among the top 50 entrepreneurs by the TATA first dot awards in 2013. Finalist of the global student Entrepreneurship Awards India. He has been named one of the 8 hottest teenage startup founders in the world by a BusinessInsider in the year 2013. He is the World’s youngest CEO at 17.

Shravan and Sanjay, siblings aged 17 and 15 respectively are the youngest upcoming entrepreneurs of India. Together, they are the brain behind GoDimensions. The aim of the company is to develop a simple technological solution for the digital world. They are the youngest Mobile Application Developers in India. When asked about how they managed to achieve this feat, the brothers responded by saying “reading books and solving the problems given to them”. These two develop applications for both, Android as well as IOS platforms.
“We’ve always believed that we must do something for society,” says Sanjay, on the thinking behind their latest app GoDonate, which facilitates the donation of food to local charities that would otherwise go to waste. “In Central Asia itself, about 500 millions tons of food is being wasted each year,” says Shravan. By the boys’ own admission, social impact is a key deciding factor behind their projects. That, and their father, who ultimately serves as their very own Shark Tank by funding, or passing, on their pitches. The last time their dad said no? The boys responded by building their own low-cost version of an Oculus Rift from materials in their living room.
Their mission is to have their apps installed on at least half of the world’s digital phones. The dynamic duo has already developed 11 apps which have about 60,000 downloads across 60 countries! In 2017, they were listed in Forbes 30 Under 30.

15-year-old Indian tech prodigy, who started using computers at age six, launched his first website at age nine, and has been working with Google’s AI and Cloud Platform for a couple of years now. Advait Thakur is an Indian computer programmer and Teenage Internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of Apex Infosys India , and is currently its chief executive officer. He is Google, Bing and Hubspot Certified Professional. Ranked 4th in Wikia’s Young Entrepreneurs Under 20 list of 2017, Advait is in a different league from the average pre-teen. In 2015, at age twelve, he founded a tech company ‘Apex Infosys India’ which is now an Accredited Domain Name Registrar and an organisation that provides Digital Solutions. Apex Infosys India is also involved primarily in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IOT Sector.
In 2017, at age fourteen, he built “Technology Quiz,” an app to help kids learn about Science & Technology which Actions On Google accepted after rejecting it five times. An incredible achievement for a child who loves to code but is largely self-taught. A programmer since he was eleven, Advait is one of the youngest entrepreneurs and web developers in the world.
During Advait’s high school years, he worked for the NGOs name Satish Haware Divyang Centre & Beautiful Tommorow Foundation and helped them in getting more audience through online platform by providing them digital marketing services for Free, for which he was was felicitated by Hon. Rajkumar Badole(Cabinet Minister, Social Justice). He also developed an app called “Autism Awareness” for Google Assistant which helps people to learn about autism and related disorders and their symptoms, etc. He is currently working on a product based on IOT to offer solutions to some of India’s most challenging problems.

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